Friday, September 3, 2010

Top of the mind..

Much of literature in spirituality is present in the form of a conversation between a student and a master. So we started out with a bunch of Whys ? such as Why do we get agitated, why do we get bored, why do we dislike what we do and and why do we crave for what we dont have (and possibly cant get ?) . Peering open the mind and looking at its internal wiring gave a picture of a restless monkey being drawn in several directions by various accumulated emotions, past baggage, and confusing associations.

We now want to understand the Hows?.. how to disarm from past impressions, how to selectively filter/sensitivise our senses, and most importantly how to energize our minds? Beyond physical energy, is there a means of tapping into a vital-energy-store to replenish our enthusiasm, motivation and happiness.

As I write this, I ponder what gives more joy ? Solving a problem, or solving it faster than your peers ? Taking a stroll in a scenic location or posting your picture with that background on facebook ? Can happiness be defined in absolute and not relative terms?

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