Thursday, August 25, 2011

Skip YOUR meal for a STRANGER, once a week

60+ year old Anna Hazare skipped all meals in a week for the nation's health.
Can't you skip one a week for your own health?

Donate your meal to someone you don't know, once a week.
Feel fulfilled, though not fully filled.

Do the following, once a week:
  • (You or your spouse) Cook at home as if you are going to eat.
  • Find someone you don't know who needs food.
    • Pick from a nearby temple, public facility, or traffic intersection.
  • Invite him/her and serve the food yourself. Alternatively, pack and hand over the food yourself.
  • While fasting, drink water regularly, and a fruit juice just once. No solids.
Please leave a comment here, every time you have done this.  Don't donate money or yesterday's food!

  • Physical: Fasting once a week cleanses the body of toxins. Recommended for good health.
  • Physical: Great weight-loss program. The middle-classes are eating more than they need.
  • Vital: Redirects praanic energy normally spent in digestion for better use; keeps you sharper & energetic
  • Moral: Anna daanam (Food donation) to a needy person is the best of all charities.
  • Emotional: Daanam becomes tapo yajna (sacrifice) only when you feel the pinch of it. 
  • Emotional: You will feel fulfilled instead of just filled.
  • Social: Practice of brotherhood. Expands your circle of "mine" to include others. Earns goodwill and influence in community.
  • Social: Alleviates the organized begging mafia problem rampant in cities today.
  • Spiritual: Helps practice mastery over lower impulses - Yama, niyama.
  • Spiritual: Daridra Narayana seva, for those who believe in such things.


  1. I like this!

    Will do it starting this weekend, when I am at home.

    Good cleansing act!

  2. Hey This is Something Simple one can easily follow. I will start from this week, not sure i wll cook n feed. But i will try to get a meal to someone i dont know :)

  3. Me too! Actually couple of other people in my loacality are joining too!Thanks for the idea!