Saturday, March 9, 2013

Practicing Success from First Principles

Recently, I have conducted two 6-episode workshops of sorts on practicing holistic success from first principles, in which about 30 people took part. Our objective was to get people habituated to skilful action and taking up tasks that expand their circle of "mine".

Topics of the Session:

  • SUCCESS without BURNOUT: Holistic definition of Success and steps towards its achievement.
  • WILL-POWER: First-principles approach to understanding and overcoming difficulties (internal).
  • SELF-ANALYSIS: Psychological reasons behind shortcomings and how to overcome them,
  • COUNSELING: How to counsel those in chronic difficulties (including themselves) and form an emotional support network.
  • CHILD CARE: Yogic approach to child psychology, and conducive environment for child growth. [we did not get to discussing this due to lack of time].
Here is a mindmap of topics and practice items we covered during the workshop.
Mindmap of practicing holistic success

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